#14 – Allan Rayman

I’m leaving home for a while
Trouble been following me for a while
Ain’t got enough time these days, not for a child
Or a fling, I got cash for days
Fuck filet mignon [?] your sweet tooth [?]
But I didn’t mean to just up and leave you
But I mean I need this more than you need my penis
I’m on some genius shit, you can’t believe it
My friends say I’m gonna be famous
Don’t get used to nothing cause everything changes
When you are the one that they want
It’s true what they say, I’ll always be the one that just got away
Just got away, just got away, just got away, just got away

Said I’m gone
Said that I’m gone

Well, I don’t think I clearly explained my field
I’m on something, as if you couldn’t tell
I guess what I mean is no strings attached
Lyrically involved, I’m tied to that
Fuck me, no rest, no puppets
A couple more drinks and a cigarette
Well ain’t nothing else of it no arrogance, I’m above it, you know
Ha ha, what do you take me for?
Independence was the day before I met you
I’m too caught up, what you expect me to do?

Said I’m gone
Said that I want
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