2020 Funk Flex Freestyle – Macklemore

Alright, I feel like rapping tonight, one time, now

I bought an old Rolls Royce in a color I didn’t like
‘Cause it was fresher than a Honda and faster than a bike
I coulda bought a new one but then a saw the price
And I was like, “Shit that’s a house in Fife”
I can’t do that’s like spending two racks
On SB dunks that Travis Scott wore once in a McDonald’s food ad
Doesn’t sit right like a white dude in a do-rag
With cornrows under a Fubu hat
Screaming suwoo fam
Who the fuck are you, damn
Go back to the burbs and chill on the YouTube chat
Back in my day you got jumped trying to do that
Curb stopped for the N-word, don’t use that
The internet got everybody cozy
Like in real life, you won’t get socked in the dome piece
Tough in the bio when you wildin’ with the homies
But deep down your idle, tired, and lonely
Shit, I am too
The worlds in a shortage of real music, real people, real importance
Like God got drunk on a bunch of coronas
And ashed his backwood on a California forest
Shit, we’re late on the mortgage
Praying for no more of the bigot in the orange wig
Anyone else, if we settle, we settle
Biden is better than the devil
It’s easy to get apathetic to the moment we’re having
And white supremacy loves it some white liberal pacifists
Oh, we can silence shit we’ve been silenced
And posting a black square doesn’t make you an activist
Share your seat
Listen and take action
And be on the right side of history when your grandkids sit on your lap
And ask about how 2020 was
And you tell ’em it was fucked
But at least we stood up for somethin’
Police we defund and not expose the corrupt
The system should be up and cut and never return to what it was
To get to better days we gotta get through fucked up ones
And for the last 6 months we’ve been stuck in one
But I think it’s changing all in all
Come November you better be putting your mask on
We gotta vote
I’m just like you, no excuse
Schedule free ’cause I got no job to go to

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