Blame It On New Orleans – Mac McAnally

I like the morning, I’m fond of afternoons
I love the evening, but it’s over too soon
What’s wrong with me? I blame it on New Orleans

I like hot sauce, love that southern style
I try to find a way everyday to smile
Quite honestly I blame it on New Orleans

Whoa, some people find disturbing
What goes on down on Bourbon beats all you ever saw
Except for Mardi Gras and that’s a whole other thing

I like the people, they make the most of life
They take a real good thing and bam, add a little spice
But that’s just me I blame it on New Orleans

I like the ladies, hey, what’s not to like
And on occasion when they act unladylike
Historically they blame it on New Orleans

I like the music, blues and dixieland
I play air trombone, the Preservation Hall Band
Categorically I blame it on New Orleans

Nola, Cafe du Monde and Mother’s
And K-Paul and all the other
I never get my fill and I never will, no sir

The whole world can sing “The Saints Go Marching In”
It won’t be long they’re gonna march again
You wait and see and blame it New Orleans

There will come a day, I’d like to think
When war’s a song and hurricane’s a drink
Eventually let’s blame it on New Orleans
Hey, don’t blame me but blame it on New Orleans
New Orleans
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