Blue Dot – Quincy

Girl you’re too hott
Top it off for the night with some blue dot
And we always turnt in the spot fuck who’s not
Every time u see me we swerve in a new ride
Doing 120 and we got caught, now I gotta shake 2 cops
We can go all night you never want me to stop
We can drink tonight so baby take these two shots
See we always turnt at the spot fuck who’s not
Girl you 2 hott… let it ride

Comin threw the door wit a banger so I started wit a rude knock
Work hard hustler harder yeh baby got 2 jobs
I was done paying rent so I went and got a mortgage on a new spot
Never knew how to be on time so a nigga bought a new watch (yeah)
Yezzy 350 on me feet wit some blue socks
Wuda thought we planned the shit the way it matched her blue top
Booked u a flight last minute and I’m sorry but dat shit got 2 stops
But it’s good now girl I see u in Aruba
Body like 36 27 36 God u too hott
N every time I hit ya spot Baby got u yelling ooooahh
U my lady and I wanna have yo baby like gogah
Cause you too hott


Gotta crib in the city gotta Crib all the way in the Boondocks
U won’t be tired for work. I’ll take you home bout 2 clock
CoacHella 1st week 2014 all she wanted was the moon rocks
and you a freak on the low I ain’t know what u know bout comasutra
Girl Let’s get high and higher no such thing as too high
I know it’s cold as hell outside but girl my pool hott
Need ya hands on my neck stressed out gotta few knots
iGotta invite from my rich friend that nigga got 2 yachts
then we fight bout that girl I’m tried of the games girl we gotta get a new plot
N I don’t rock jewelry all time but I figured that my ears needed 2 rocks
Ima biggie kinda nigga but ain’t nun wrong wit a little 2 pac
n you’re So thick Imma say it again ass fat like Budah
But I hate when u play dumb Ima get yo ass a tutor
and put u into Chruch every Sunday praise the lord yelling hallelujah
Cuz when that time come around every month girl I swear u got 2 dots
N I know that u heard that they call me mister get u wet like scuba

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