Brett Dennen Lyrics

Brett Dennen

You Make It Easy
Wrong About Me
World Keeps Turning
Wild Child
Who Do You Think You Are?
Who Am I
Where We Left Off
When You Feel It
When We Were Young
When The War Comes Home
When She’s Gone
When I Go
What’s The Secret?
Walk Away, Watch Me Burn
There Is So Much More
The One Who Loves You The Most
Sydney (I’ll Come Running)
Sweet Persuasion
Surprise, Surprise
Strawberry Road
Stand Up For It
Song For Leaving
So Long Sweet Misery
So Far From Me
Smoke And Mirrors
She’s Mine
San Francisco
Queen Of The Westside
People I Love
Out Of My Head
Only Want You
Only Rain
Oh The Glorious
Nothing Lasts Forever
Not Too Late
Must Be Losing My Mind
Make You Fall In Love With Me
Make You Crazy
Make The Most
Live In The Moment
Little Cosmic Girl
Just Like The Moon
Jenny And Jill
I’ll Be On Your Side
I Want To Feel Free
I Asked When
Home Away From Home
Here’s Looking At You Kid
Hard Times (Come Again No More)
Good Vibration
Frozen In Slow Motion
Follow Your Heart
Fig Tree
Don’t Mess With Karma
Don’t Forget
Desert Sunrise
Day By Day
Darlin’ Do Not Fear
Dancing At A Funeral
Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)
Closer To You
Can’t Stop Thinking
Can’t Slow Down
By & By
Burning Spirit
Because You Are A Woman
Be Somebody
Baker’s Globe Mallow
Already Gone
Alone Again
All We Have
Ain’t No Reason
Ain’t Gonna Lose You
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