Broken Hearted – James Arthur

Well it started at a party
I never knew your name
You never knew mine either
But there was something about your face
And you decided to come over
And I think it started there
You said “I really like you”
And there was something in the air
And then the party ended
And we were all alone
We lay there talking for hours
And then I walked you home
Then you kissed me in the garden
I picked you out a rose
You said “I think I love you”
That’s when my body froze
And I said

“Never leave me broken hearted
Baby I’m not strong enough
Don’t ever please don’t ever, ever let me go”

You said “baby I won’t” [X2]

But today you acted different
I asked if you were alright
You said “yeah trust me I’m okay”
Then you put your lips on mine
That’s when I realised
Your eyes are full of lies
You would have fucked me for the story
You wanna take me for the ride

[Chorus X2]

You said “baby I won’t” [X7]
You said “baby, baby I won’t”


You said “baby I won’t” [X3]
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