Climax Blues Band Lyrics

Climax Blues Band

Wrong Time
What’s Your Name
Walking On Sunset
Towards The Sun
Top Of The World
Together And Free
The End Of The Seven Seas
The Cat
Summer Rain
Straight Down The Middle
So Good After Midnight
Simple Song
Sign Of The Times
Shoot Her If She Runs
Seventh Son
Running Out Of Time
Rollin’ Home
Rich Man
One For Me And You
Nothing But Starlight
My Music
Movie Queen
Money Talkin’
Mole On The Dole
Mighty Fire
Listen To The Night
Last Chance Saloon
I’m Ready
I Love You
I Am Constant
Hold On To Your Heart
Hey Mama
Heaven And Hell
Hard Luck
Hands Of Time
Gotta Have More Love
Getting There
Friends In High Places
Flood Of Emotion
Don’t Start Me Talking
Doin’ Alright
Dance The Night Away
Cuttin’ Up Rough
Couldn’t Get It Right
Come On In My Kitchen
Children Of The Nightime
Chasing Change
Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
17th Street Canal
Tweet 88k