Cloud Cult Lyrics

Cloud Cult

Your Love Will Live Forever
Your 8th Birthday
You’re The Only Thing In Your Way
You Never Were Alone
You Got Your Bones To Make A Beat
Who Killed Puck?
Where It Starts
When Water Comes To Life
What It Feels Like To Be Alive
What Comes At The End
We Made Up Your Mind For You
Washed Your Car
Turtle Shell
Transistor Radio
Training Wheels
Toys In The Attic
Took You For Granted
To The Great Unknown
Time Machine Invention
Through The Agest
Three Times A Lady
The Will Of A Volcano
The Tornado Lessons
The Surrender – Guessing Game
The Strength – Forces Of The Unseen
The Show Starts Now
The Pilgrimage
The Mission: Unexplainable Stories
The Lessons – Exploding People
The Invocation (P.2) – Blessings
The Invocation (P.1) – You’ll Be Bright
The Girl Underground
The Ghost Inside Our House
The Escape – Running With The Wolves
The Departure: Today We Give Ourselves To The Fire
The Calling
The Battles – Room Full Of People In Your Head
The Baby – You Were Born
The Awakening – Dawn
The Arrival – There’s So Much Energy In Us
The Acceptance – Responsible
That Man Jumped Out The Window
Take Your Medicine
Story Of The Grandson Of Jesus
State Of The Union
Start New
Sleeping Days, Pt. 2
Shortenin’ Bread
Sane As Can Be
Ready To Fight
Radio Fodder
Princess Bride
Pretty Voice
Pretty (She Can Save You)
Please Remain Calm
On The Sun
Norman Rockwell
No One Said It Would Be Easy
No Hell
My Fictitious Life With Amily
Must Explore
Moving To Canada
Moon’s Thoughts
Million Things
Meet Me Where You’re Going
May Your Hearts Stay Strong
Man On The Moon
Lucky Today
Love You All
Living On The Outside Of Your Skin
Living In Awe
Lights Inside My Head
Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Journey Of The Featherless
It’s Your Decision
It’s What You Need
It’s Gay
It Takes A Lot
I’m Not Gone
I Guess This Dream Is For Me
Hurricane And Fire Survival Guide
Happy Hippo
Grappling Hook / Northern Lights
Good Friend
Fairy Tale
Everything You Thought You Had
Everybody Here Is A Cloud
Do You Ever Think About…
Days To Remember
Dance For The Dead
Complicated Creation
Come Home
Cloud Cult:the Deaf Girl’s Song
Chemicals Collide
Chain Reaction
Car Crash
Buried Poetry
Breakfast With My Shadow
Brain Gateway
Bobby’s Spacesuit
Best Friend
Becoming One Of You / Ad Brainwash, Pt. 1
Beautiful Boy
Back Again, Pt. 2
As Long As You’re Happy
Alone At A Party In A Ghost Town
All Together Alone
Alien Christ
A Good God
6 Days To Madness
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