Color Me Badd Lyrics

Color Me Badd

Your Touch
Your Da One I Onena Love
You Don’t Know Me
Written On Your Face
Where Lovers Go
Trust Me
Tonight Tonight
Time And Chance
Thinkin’ Back
The Last To Know
The Earth, The Sun, The Rain
The Bells
Someone’s Missing Love
Soft N’ Easy
Slow Motion
Sexual Capacity
Secret Lovers
Rosanna’s Little Sister
Roll The Dice
Remember When
OOh Tonight
On My Mind
Love Is Stronger Than Pride
Livin’ Without Her
Let’s Start With Forever
Let Me Have It All
Let Love Rule (God Is Love Outro)
La Tremenda (Intro)
Kissing You
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Intro (Ecclesiastes 9:11)
In The Sunshine
I’ll Never Love This Way Again
I Wanna Sex You Up (Reprise)
I Wanna Sex You Up
I Remember
I Adore Mi Amor
How Deep
How Could This Be
Groovy Now
Groove My Mind
Got 2 Have U
God Is Love
From The Back
Forever Love
For All Eternity
Farmer’s Daughter
Color Me Badd
Close To Heaven
Cest La Vie
C.M.B. (Postlude)
All The Way Pt. 2
All The Way (Freaky Style)
All 4 Love
Ain’t Nobody Going Home
Tweet 88k