Creed Fisher Lyrics

Creed Fisher

Won’t Be Waiting Long
Whiskey (It Fucks Me Up)
Where The Whiskey Still Flows
When Your Memory Comes Around
Wait For You In Heaven
Up To No Good
Try To Burn This One
The Wild Ones
The Way That I Am
The Texas Way
The Honky Tonk Is Where I’m From
The Good Old Days
The Devil Knows My Name
Still Unbroken
Rock & Roll Man
Red, White & Blue Jeans
Rebel In My Heart
Old School
Oilfield Trash
My Outlaw Ways
Mr. Bartender
More Than One Year
Maybe I Am
Living Life All Alone
Life Of A Workin’ Man
Kiss Away My Ghosts
It Damn Sure Ain’t Merle
If You Have A Right To Burn My Flag (Then I Have A Right To Kick Your Ass)
I’m Growing Older But I’m Not Growing Up
I’ll Have A Few More
I Miss John Wayne
How Far Would I Fall
Holy Water
Her Scars
Headed For The Big Time
Hank Crankin’ People
First Round’s On Me
Fairies Wear Boots
Drivin’ My Truck
Don’t Make Me Feel At Home
Come And Hold Me
Bridges To Burn
Blue Collar Town
Be The Hope
Bad Girl
All My Best Friends Are Behind Bars
Ain’t Worth A Dime
Ain’t Always Thirsty
A Few Good Ol’ Cowboys
Tweet 88k