Cruel And Uncomplicated – Richard Edwards and The Velvet Ocean

The soft ache of a phantom limb
Came upon me again
And in a burst of benzo
Crawled up under my skin
The soft ache of your name
Last night I dreamt I was dying
And the liquor just made me sicker
Under the strobe
You came out of the past
Rolled in like a river
Boring a hole through my ozone layer
Out of the past, dripping like a dog in the moonlight
Or the absence of love
But, girl, I would John Wall this club to the ground
If it’d burn you memory down

Hey, mama
I miss you, that’s all
It only happens when the moon’s this full
When the rain falls hard as new year’s bullets
And the sky is red
When I imagine it, it’s so
Cruel and uncomplicated

I’m gonna be lonely
When I don’t know you anymore
Will you unglue when I am just
A piece of the past?
And does it ever end?
Of course it does, it did
But I could not imagine it, my love
Us being strangers

In a gentle wisp, the ghost then fades
Into something like time
Forgive me
I’m unsure of my mind

The soft ache and the moon
Suppose I say to you, “Brooklyn”
Or “endless summer”
We couldn’t know
Then you come out of the past
Roll in like a river
Boring a hole through my ozone layer
But it’s alright
I forever reside in my mind
Yes, all the time
In the land where you love me
When you thought I would take Manhattan
Like a Muppet

Hey, mama
We lost it, that’s all
It started fading on the beach that fall
Before it blew apart like the princess’ planet
My empty head
Could not imagine we could be so
Cruel and uncomplicated
Cruel and uncomplicated
Cruel and uncomplicated
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