Crush 40 Lyrics

Crush 40

With Me (Massive Power Mix)
With Me
What I’m Made Of
Watch Me Fly…
Through The Fire
Sonic Youth
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Boom
Song Of Hope
Seven Rings In Hand
Rise Again
Revvin’ Up
Open Your Heart (Crush 40 Vs. Circuit Freq Remix)
Open Your Heart (Crush 40 Vs. Bentley Jones Remix)
Open Your Heart
One Of Those Days
Never Turn Back
Live Life
Live & Learn
Knight Of The Wind
It Doesn’t Matter
Is It You
Into The Wind
In The Lead
I Am All Of Me
His World
Green Light Ride
Fuel Me
Fight The Knight
Escape From The City
Endless Possibilities
Dangerous Ground
Call Me Crazy
All The Way
All Hail Shadow
2 Nights 2 Remember
Tweet 88k