Day One (Outro) – Roddy Ricch

Seventeen years old, I’m fly in a Jet
Bust down, bust down, Audemars Piguet
Tryna get the bag, I was goin’ OT, baby
Trappin’ with mud in the Phantom
Hundred fifty thousand in Atlanta
Double G’s, what I’m steppin’ on
I ain’t ever had shit, I want my racks long
Gotta get it out the mud, I was trappin’ out the bando
They been wantin’ to see me fall, red bottom what I land on
Fell in love with shawty, but she wasn’t enough for me
Cause I be riding in my 10 speed
Nigga, tell me what the lick read
I was servin’ down on 10th Street
I wanted me the Louis V bag, so I fucked around and bought it
Got a new apartment, Hermès carpet
I just wanna be the motivation for my young nigga
Out here tryna get it
Focus on your babe (uh huh, yeah-yeah)
Fuck these bitches
I just got off the phone with my young nigga
Is he right, it ’bout to go number one, nigga
I been tryna get the money for appeal
Gotta stay down for your day ones, nigga

Roddy, lil bro
The key is perseverance
Under any known circumstances, loyalty comes first
Be loyal to whoever loyal to you
When I say family, I don’t mean who you share blood with, bro
Family is defined by loyalty, not blood
You don’t owe nobody shit
Only person you owe is the same niggas you start with
Get to the bag, lil bro
Nevermind the haters and the niggas down talking you to seem relevant
If you ain’t got haters then you ain’t doing something right
On Crip, get that bag, fool
You still in the past but worked to get where you at, so keep working to get where you going
It’s a marathon so keep dream chasing, and the top is a destination
I’m with you, lil bro
From this closet I call cell, on Yompton Crip, I’m with you, fool
You just gotta keep going, don’t stop for nobody
Anybody that’s in your way, cuz, they become a liability
Any liabilities become victims
Victimize all the niggas that’s in your way
Once them niggas out your way, nigga, your destination is the next thing you got
You going to the top, fool, so keep going
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