DIA Lyrics


You’re Different (넌 달라)
You Are My Flower (꽃, 달, 술) (DIA Only Version)
You Are My Flower (꽃, 달, 술)
You Always Try To Be Your Heart (니맘대로야)
You & I (여.사.친 (우리사이))
WooWoo (우우)
WOOWA (우와)
Will You Go Out With Me? (나랑 사귈래) (Ballad Version)
Will You Go Out With Me? (나랑 사귈래)
Waiting For You (널 기다려) (DIA Version)
Waiting For You (널 기다려)
To You (네게로)
There Is No Time (시간이 없어)
The Trainee (연습생)
The Love… (#더럽)
TAKE ME (데리러 와)
Sweet Dream
Somehow (왠지)
Somehow (Chinese Version)
Seoraksan In October (시월에 설악산)
Say Hello
Remember (기억할게요)
Pick Up The Phone
Paradise (파라다이스)
Only One Bite (한입만)
On The Road (그 길에서)
Not Only You But Spring (너만 모르나 봄)
Nobody Knows (아무도 몰래)
No (안할래)
My Polaris (내 마음에 별 하나)
My Friend’s Boyfriend (내 친구의 남자친구)
Music Lover (음악 들을래)
Mr. Potter
Mannequin (마네킹)
Listen To This Song (이 노래 들어볼래)
Like Yesterday (어제처럼)
Like U Like U (조아? 조아!)
Light (빛)
Lean On Me
Kiss Me (키스해줘)
Independence Movement Day (乾坤坎離)
I Need Healing
Hug U (감싸줄게요)
Happy Ending
Grown Up (어른)
Good Night (굿밤)
Flower, Wind And You (꽃, 바람 그리고 너) (DIA Version)
Eye Contact
Darling My Sugar
Crescendo (손톱달)
Can’t Stop (듣고싶어 (E905))
Boyfriend (남.사.친)
Blue Day
Artist (화가)
April (사월)
7과 4분의3 (널+만나러+가는+길)
5 More Minutes (5분만)
#GMGN (Good Morning & Good Night)
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