Direct Hit! Lyrics

Direct Hit!

You & I (Are Nothing But Lies)
White Robes
Werewolf Shame
Welcome To Heaven
We’re Fucked
We Are Alone
Was It The Acid?
Villain Alcohol
Through The Windshield, Holding Hands
They Came For Me
The World Is Ending (No One Cares)
The Problem
Something We Won’t Talk About
Snickers Or Reese’s (Pick Up The Pieces)
Say Whatever
Satan Says
Promised Land
Perfect Black
Paid In Brains
Oregon Entrails
On And On
Never Gonna Die
Mutant Drunk
More Of The Same
Monster In The Closet
Mom & Dad
Losing Faith
Living Good
Living Dead
Life In Hell
Kingdom Come
Infinite Pills, Infinite Alcohol
In Orbit
I Was A Teenage Poltergeist
I Wanna Know
I Told You A Lie
How, When & Why
Hospital For Heroes
Home To You
Hide The Body
Heaven’s End
Heaven Is A Black Hole
Have You Seen It?
Getting What He Asked For
Forced To Sleep
First Train Out
Failed Invasion
Drama Queen
Do The Sick
Different Universe
Decapitation By Shotgun
Chemical Ability
Captain Asshole
Buy Me A Drink
Buried Alive
Brain Surgery
Boredom Addict
Bliss Addiction
Bleach Music
Bank Of Elevators
Bad Answer
Back To The Tower
Artificial Confidence
Arson Hero
Another Dimension
Ankles Over The Brain
Altered States
A Message To Young People
A Message For The Angels Pt. II (Brainless God)
A Message For The Angels Pt. I
53 Bodies
Tweet 88k