Dodgy Lyrics


You’ve Gotta Look Up
You Give Drugs A Bad Name
Whole Lot Easier
Where Shall I Begin
What Have I Done Wrong?
What Became Of You
What Are We Fighting For
We’re Not Going To Take This Anymore
We Try
We Are Together
Water Under The Bridge
Waiting For The Sun
Waiting For The Day
U.K. R.I.P.
Trust In Time
Tripped And Fell
The Hills
Staying Out For The Summer ’19
Staying Out For The Summer
Stand By Yourself
So Let Me Go Far
Raggedstone Hill
Prey For Drinking
Only A Heartbeat
One Of Those Rivers
One Day
Now Means Nothing
Never Stop
Never Again
Mended Heart
Melodies Haunt You
Making The Most Of
Long Life
Jack The Lad
Is This Goodbye
In A Room
If You’re Thinking Of Me
I Need Another
Happy Ending
Grand Old English Oak Tree
Good Enough
Found You
Find A Place
Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
Did It Have To Be This Way
Cold Tea
California Gold
Back Of You
As My Time Goes By
Are You The One
Ain’t No Longer Asking
(This Love Is) Bigger Than Both Of Us
(Get Off Your) High Horse
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