Don’t Worry – Big Bank Black & Zaytoven

That Christmas came early
I’m in the far lane swervin’
Tell them niggas don’t worry
Ain’t gon’ leave in a hurry
I’m here now and I’m gon’ do what I wanna do, do what I came to do, do what a real one do
And I ain’t gon’ stop, no come up for the cops
Tell them niggas I’m here now
I ain’t gonna stop, the hater never stop
These niggas hold they cock
But I’m here now
Fuck them niggas, fuck them bitches now
I’m runnin’ with the same crew
All my niggas don’t worry
To my niggas don’t worry
I put the tape on my back
And its infinity at that, yeah
All my homegirls good
All my niggas kids good
Tell my niggas don’t worry now
We in the lane swervin’
December came early, these bitches came early
They suckin’ dick until they early
Now we gon’ do it now
[?] we gon’ do it now
We took a couple losses
But we bounced right back from it
Fuck a hook I’m goin’ in on it
Fuck a verse I’m goin’ in on it
Tell them tell them niggas don’t worry
We gon’ leave in a hurry
We here to stay this time
We here to stay this time
Fuck a slice I want the whole cake
Do it for the whole team
Ridin’ around with my young niggas
And all of my brothers
We came in a hurry
We ain’t leavin’ in a hurry
I guess it’s time to tell my story
Banker king and niggas know it
All my niggas gettin’ dough
Trap money 4-4
All the runts stay at home now
Tell em free Lil’ Corey
And my niggas don’t worry
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