Esperanza Spalding Lyrics

Esperanza Spalding

You Have To Dance (feet)
With Others (ears)
Winter Sun
Wild Is The Wind
Ways Together
Vague Suspicions
Unconditional Love
Touch In Mine (fingers)
To Tide Us Over (mouth)
The Longing Deep Down (abdominal portal)
Thang (hips)
Smile Like That
She Got To You
Samba Em Preludio
Rest In Pleasure
Readying To Rise (legs)
Radio Song
Ponta De Areia
Now Know (solar portal)
Noble Nobles
Move Many (joints)
Love In Time
Little Fly
Let Her
Lest We Forget (blood)
Land Of The Free
I Want It Now
I Know You Know
I Can’t Help It
How To (hair)
Hold On Me
Good Lava
Funk The Fear
Farewell Dolly
Fall In
Endangered Species
Elevate Or Operate
Ebony And Ivy
Earth To Heaven
Dancing The Animal (mind)
Cuerpo Y Alma (Body & Soul)
Crowned & Kissed
City Of Roses
Cinnamon Tree
Black Gold
Apple Blossom
All Limbs Are (arms)
12 Little Spells (thoracic spine)
‘Til The Next Full (eyes)
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