For Mercy – The Ballroom Thieves

Darlin don’t go
Don’t leave me out here on my own
I’m in the space between the spaces and it ain’t what I was made for
I think by now I should know
As if it made me more a man if I could stand the wasted gamble of our days

They say places to hunt just like places to hide
But getting harder to keep and still harder to find
So don’t leave me

I’m roaring for mercy
Or is it lenience?
Board and bury the moments we won’t be the hosts for
Carve our names in to stone
And then leave me belief in the faith I won’t find on the road

Now if I said I’d be the one to hold you in my arms and that I never saw the day where you would leave me behind I’d be lying

And maybe we’d make this a brook too broad for leaping
Or maybe I’ve made myself too difficult to believe in

And love has her ways
Love has her terrible way
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