Free Barz – Bandit Gang Marco (with Young Cooley)

[Verse 1: Young Cooley]
Cooley Cooley fuck y’all niggas talkin’ bout
Had to make em’ run cause they already done walked it out
School teacher chalk em’ out
Shoots-out at the Waffle House
Watch your mouth
F’n is the reason they bring coffins out
(Okay now) Fuckin end the game if I can’t pull a million out
Fuck y’all catching feelings for? We living what the lyrics bout
Oh my God then, I bring them other spirits out
Black cards we gone clear it out
Foreign broads gone hear me out
Freebars cause we ain’t paid shit
Me and Bandit Gang known for doing Summer mansion shit
Front row groupies who be throwing they panties on the stage quick
And y’all niggas ain’t hot unless you tryna play in shit(oh)

[Hook: Bandit Gang Marco]
We popping shit
Ho you know we popping shit
Audemars cost thirty thousand jewelers think we got the bricks
We popping shit
Ho you know we popping shit
20’s, 10’s and 50’s with them 100’s right on top of it
Yeah we got them freebars, them freebars
You know we got them freebars, them freebars
Ho you know we got them freebars, them freebars
You know we got them freebars
We just popping shit
Fuck around and pop yo bitch

[Verse 2: Bandit Gang Marco]
Bitch I got them freebars, freebars
My notes they in the penitentiary
Yo bitch love Oohyie and put an @ and you can mention me
I’m gone she missing me
I’m here you history (Hol up)
And I’m popping shit bitch my pop on mystery (Hol up, hol up, lets go!)
3 stiff y’all niggas do some with that piff
We stiff arming these fat hoes, them lil pounds has gotten lift
Nigga feel my drift two-seater
Keep the Desert Eagle, two-heaters
Keep the 40 like glocc do, aim for the eyes like creepers
Tah, you know the rest getting these hoes for a check
I ain’t stun these young hoes, strive next to crow nest (crow nest old hoes)
Freebars yeah we got freebars!
Bitch you listenin’ to a star!

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