Friends First – Quincy (feat. French Montana)

[Verse 1: Quincy]
Girl how you doin’? I like how you’re movin’
And keep on doin’ cause you’re doin’ it right
You ’bout your business, I’m just tryna get in it
So what we doin’ after this tonight?

If it’s okay with you, I just wanna cruise
And get to know you
Cause no matter where we go I just want you to know
That I can treat you better

I ain’t lookin’ for a girlfriend
Girl I’m lookin’ for a friend first
I know that we could jump in
But with you I’m tryna make sure it works
Baby, can we just be friends, first?
Tell me, can we just be friends, first?

[Verse 2: Quincy]
Cause I gotta be honest, you know that I want it
I just want it for more than one night
I can’t come with the dumb shit, I don’t wanna send you runnin’
Why don’t you do the talkin’ tonight?

[Verse 3: French Montana]
Aye, we could be friends first
Hold my biscuit, Fred Durst
Wraith flyin’ down 8th
Baby jump in head first
My main squeeze
Same foes, same enemies
We could fly one day
But they don’t build empires in one day
Ray Charles and my chain crooked
It come to you when you ain’t lookin’
Don’t judge, get to know me
Make love, wake, be my homie
One night don’t make you a side
6 months don’t make you a wifey
I’m lookin’ for a girl who gon’ ride

[Chorus x2]
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