Gangsta – Young Dro

Ridin Through Da A I Dont Know Where Da Turn To Yall Look Thristy My Cutless Look Like Orange Juice
442 Fuck Ridin Ima Burn Through Da Morgue Dont Concern You We Claeana Than You Home To Money Aint A Thang
Bitch Im Straighta Than A Purm Boo 28 Ashanti Ridin Tall Me And Kurn To Youll Like Drizzell A Bitch You
Gotta Learn To Nigga Say He On Da Grind Ima Set My Word Through I Know Where Dey Live At I Know Where Dey
Kill At I Know Where Dey Deal At And I Know Where Da Pills At 245 Whole Thang Dats Foreal Black Aint No
Short Numbers For All Youll Short Comers Man Da Trap Off Da Chain Man We Beatin Like Drummers You Ball
For 2 Days We Ball Da Whole Summer I Came Back Flippin Bricks Bitch I Do Numbers Gangsta,Gangsta All You
Get Is Drama Nigga

Gangsta Soldier Frutty Friut Rolled Up Young Dro A But I Done Gotdam Grown Up Teneke Got Da Whole Block
Sewed Up Her Body Smokin Me Cush Nigga Roll Up.

Who Im I Young Dro Im Supreme Im A Lotta Shit I Can Buy A Lotta Bricks To Ride In My Impala Wit Nigga
Ridin Shawty Shit My Car Look Like An Oreo Brown Paint White Guts Yea Me And Coreyo Son Of Da Holyghost
Tryin Me Find Me Shoot A Nigga In Da Back Of Da I Wit Da 9e Niggas Cant Define Me I Trigga From Da Mouth
You Black Belt Ninja Shit Im Flippin Off Yo House Fool Killa Dro Im Out To Benz Sourcout Coupe C4 By Da
Pounds I’ll Make A Nigga House Move I Know All About You You Full Off Of Mouth Food I Can Eat A City And
A State And Drink A Whole Lake Now I Ride Wit Orea 88rk Big Bank Specialist 28rk Polo Brought Da M-650’s
Dat Rip You Mouth Through Bitch Say She Dont Like Dro Why Da Fck You Sniffin Me Then
Tweet 88k