Giving Tree – Allan Rayman

What I’d do, what I’d do for
What I’d do for, what I’d do for, what I’d do for

What I would do for you, anything
Do you want the moon? I’ll pull it down for you
Do you wanna ride? Take you anywhere
Drive all night, all niggai-I-ight for you
Kiss me and I’ll hold you
And I want you, do you want me, too?
When you touch things, like a tattoo
You got me, you warned me of all those good times
Would you fight for me? I’d go to war for you

Take me, use me
I’m yours, abuse me
I’m your giving tree
You take me, use me
I’m yours, just abuse me
I’m your giving tree

Alright, alright, okay, okay
Goodnight, goodnight, go home, go away
I got some sins, you best believe
Baby, you bugging me, you gotta leave
I need some time alone, some fucking space
Cause when I’m in my zone, I don’t need you on my case
I don’t need you in my place
All I need’s a fucking bottle, cigarettes and I’m okay
Another fucking track about that old heartbreak
‘Bout that old bad bitch
Can’t stand her Taylor Swift attitude
She won’t quit
Not tryna take advantage of you or your nice car
I know you’d grab the moon for me, I wouldn’t go that far
Honestly, you were here for me
You was young and I was wrong
Type of dude to pull the trigger but deny I had the gun
Should’ve never picked you up, asked you if you know what
Asked you if you know who, promising you
Wasn’t trying and now, oops, I wasn’t being fair
I know, it’s the giving tree scenario
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