Gstar – Zaytoven (feat. Juggman)

Yeah (yeah)
You know the boy
It’s the Juugman
Aye (aye)
GStar saucin’ on my Balmains

I got my G star, saucin’ on my Balmains (Balmains)
Ran my money up, now I can ball mane (ball mane)
Leather seats inside the coup, I’m talkin’ Spalding (Spalding)
Tried to black ball me, but I’m back ballin’ (ballin’)

I can’t waste my time beefin’ with these small niggas (small niggas)
I’d rather take 20k, hit the mall, and ball nigga (ball nigga)
Fuck stuntin’, I’d rather look out for my dawgs nigga (my dawgs nigga)
Swear to God, I ain’t nothin’ like y’all niggas

I been in the game like: fuck the fame, I can never change
I’ma stay the same, like fuck a friend, I just want the chain
I’m just tryin’ run my money up like I’m Floyd and nem
When it come to hater, pshhh, I try to avoid them
Red bottom kicks, I remember I couldn’t afford them
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