Hillbilly Band – Andy Griggs

North Louisiana on a Saturday night
I was sittin’ in the glow of the dashboard lights
I’ll never forget I was 6 years old
When I heard it comin’ out of daddy’s radio
Come out of my seat and said ‘son of a gun’
Daddy said naw that’s the Opry son

I heard the crowd start screamin’
And I started dreamin’
Of one day runnin’
With a hillbilly band

Bought a guitar, learned a few chords
Found a few guys and a beat up Ford
Pretty girls would come from miles around
Like bees to honey to hear that sound
All we could afford was bread and mayonnaise
Living for the moment when we’d hit that stage

And hear the crowd start screamin’
Man you ain’t livin’
Til you go runnin’
With a hillbilly band

I came to Nashville, they liked my songs
I got a bus 45 feet long
Bought a house to put a gold record on the wall
Funny thing is I’m hardly there at all
The money, the cars, you can have that stuff
Just give me what I love

To hear the crowd start screamin’
To the song that I’m singin’
The one about runnin’
With a hillbilly band

Hillbilly band, yeah, a hillbilly band, oh, it’s a hillbilly band
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