Homme Run – The Ballroom Thieves

I told you twice
I don’t play nice
This isn’t fucking baseball

If you set my house on fire
We can watch yours burn down too
And if you don’t like it, darlin’
This is all bad news for you

The words
All of these words, words, words
They’ve all come up empty, haven’t they?
Why don’t you have the right things to say?

I’m done
Done (done)
Done (done)

I’m done (done, done, done)
Climbing broken ladders (done, done, done)
In the tower of your doubt (done, done, done)
Listening for permission
Done being the one without a mouth
(Done, done, done)
(Done, done, done)
(Done, done, done)

I told you twice
I don’t play nice
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