I Care For You – Cameo

Where were you the night I called home?
It felt real strange when no one answered the phone
You told me, you’d never do me wrong, do me wrong
But you can’t explain why you stayed out all night long

Was it something I said to you?
What did I do to make you wanna leave?
We tried our best, the very best our love could do
Darling, there’s nothing left for me to do

I care, oh, I care for you
Darling, I care for you, oh, I love you

We told each other lies and we always tried
Appealing to the softness just to survive
I’m taking all I’m gonna take from you girl
This love affair is tearing me apart

Oh, you say over and over you’re sorry
All the while you’re just laughing
It’s time for you to leave, yeah
This is not the way I wanted our love to be

Darling I care for you, you know I can’t forget you girl no, no
You, you, darling I care for you, I care for you girl
Well you, I care, I can’t, can’t forget you, girl, no, no no

I really care, yeah, yeah, for you, girl
I think of all the times we spent together, girl
Oh, we had so much fun, yes

You don’t know what you meant to me
And how you made me feel
Oh, the pain inside hurts so much girl

You see I wanna say, baby
Can I say, baby?
I love you, no I care
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