iFly – Ball Park Music

It was a very normal night
I was attending a party
And I had many different drinks
Made from sweet fermented fruit
I convinced myself
Of certain little things
I convinced myself
On a b-b-bed of strings

That home is just the rent
Where the goodie kids repent
And the blu-tack posters infiltrate my eye

I fucking love you, I think you’re pretty
I fucking love you, all of the time
I fucking love you, I think you’re pretty
And I wanna make you mine

I remember the first time
That I got to kiss you sober
I remember the first time
As if it is right now
I was just myself
Maybe I was less (who knows)
Now I have been both
And I’m convinced

That home is on a bus seat
Home can go without me
Home can reinvent itself today



Everybody’s birthday
Signifies their first day
Going it alone in love (in love, in love)

[Chorus x2]
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