Inkwell Lyrics


Why Can’t Sometimes And Always Be Friends
We Are The Captains Of The Sea
We All Fall Down
This One’s For Kermitt Washington
This Modern Medicine
These Stars Are Monsters
There Was Something Just Gramatically Incorrect About Her
The Whale The Whale The Whale!!!
The Wait Is Over
The Tragedy Of David Gribble
The Glass Is Half… Awesome
Sleeping Patterns
Promises Made
Playing Footsie Is Beginning To Affect Our Friendship
Pink?… No No… What About Whimsical?
No You Drop It
Just Take The Monkey And Leave
Jazzersize In A Tie
I’m Winning The Race
I Am The Tightrope
Equador Is Lovely This Time Of Year
Drop It
Cigarette And A Coconut Monkey
Box Full Of…
Blaze And Glory
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