Intro – Young Scooter & Zaytoven (“Juggathon” Version)

I do this shit for real
I got the streets on fire like a blowtorch
Real dope boy, nigga
Black Migo

[Verse 1:]
It’s 6 o’clock, I’m headed to the airport
I got the streets on fire like a blowtorch
Whip a 9 to a brick with the gold fork
I wasn’t born rich, I had to juug for it
Ten toes down, I had to stay down
The biggest plug for my hood, I brought the yay round
Don’t pay me for them bricks I gave you, lay you face down
Crack crack black black, you know that K sound
I be solo, cooking up coco, cocaina
Light house on my diamonds, Aquafina
Tennis racks, I got a bitch named Serena
Pulled up women, I told her smash her sister Venus
Young Scooter, I done sold more chicks than crystal
Young foul nigga, go and blow the whistle
Crunch time, yeah we bringing out them pistols
You talking crazy, let them young niggas get you

Young Scooter, you already know a motherfucking real street nigga
Got little josh in this motherfucker with me, real road runner nigga
Dope boy shit, black migo gang
Count up
Married to the motherfucking streets nigga
From your hood to my hood, you know how I do this shit

[Verse 2:]
I got chickens, I got chickens chickens
I talk so much dope these niggas feel offended
I treat the street like the rap game, straight business
You ain’t never seen ten stores in one kitchen
Come to my house, I sleep in a yay house
36s on me no ninas, yeah this a brick house
Drop a 9 in the pot and I can whip a brick out
Sent all my niggas green dots until the day they get out
I keep it real, yeah I keep it real
Been in that situation, I know how that feel
Can’t do shit for your kids, can’t even pay your bills
That’s when shit get real, see if your niggas real
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