Just Sayin’ – Patch Quiwa

You think you know her
You think you’ve seen
Every single break down
Every single mood swing
You think you’ve got
It all figured out
When she gets mad
Give her roses and apologize

Did you really think
It would be that easy?
To keep her in your arms
And make her happy?
You really think you got it all figured out
Don’t you?

But how come when you ask her
“What’s wrong, baby tell me
You been acting cold lately”
She turns around, says she’s fine
And you leave her there
What’s wrong with you man?
Can’t you see that
She’s hurting?
Boy, she needs you now
I’m just sayin’

If you want her better tell her
When you still have the chance
If you don’t know how to show her
Then you better listen to me
Here’s what you tell her

“Baby I’m here to stop your tears
I won’t leave until you tell me what’s wrong”
And then you hug her and kiss her
Make her feel that everything’s alright
“Baby, I’ve got you, don’t stress”
And that’s how you treat a girl
And if you mean it then prove it
Maybe then you’ll get the girl
I’m just sayin’
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