Just What I Am (Remix) – Machine Gun Kelly

9:56 AM
Roll the windows down
Let the smoke out, aye

Wake and bitch

Aye, I’m just what you made, God
I been high as fuck
Since me and my home boy a rhyme
Was in town with city tryna catch that bus
We out chere what you mean?
Back in shaker, baggin’ tree
Baby mama call from the college
Said them kids wanna pay the fee
I’m up early in the morning
Smoke in public, my trap is jumpin’
I made two hundred, that count for somethin’
I pull up get them lil Debbie muffins
I’m out chere on my daughter
Whiskey, weed, and water
Just beat that misdemeanor last week
Need more money for the lawyer
I need new carpet at the crib
God damn this roach is where I live
So dope, put some groceries in the fridge
Young man, just hope that God forgives
Fast forward, old hoes knockin’ on my door
Askin’ where do I be at now
Smokin’ loud on my tour bus
Famous bitch in my back lounge
I done blew up past rap now
And it feel good bitch I’m from the hood
So I lived a life I that I should you, hoe
Get the shit understood you, hoe
Came in this shit as a kid, you know
I ain’t Cudi, but that’s the buddy
We in couch party talkin’ Cobain
Smokin’ hella J’s out in London
No beef at 16, I had no chips at 16
Call Ben Baller, told him we need custom
Diamond Cleveland championship rings
We need all of them big things
Just cause we deserve it
Just cause the ones who fucked me over
All need to see if it was worth it
Damn, old homies switched up on me
Why am I not surprised?
Lookin’ at me like I need to share the piece
When they weren’t even there to make the pie
Man, that’s why

Yeah, yeah
Fake friends. Fuck them, right though
Ay fuck a fake friend, get high
And talk to God dawg motherfucker

Let me tell ya’ll about my month ya’ll
Codine in my blunts ya’ll
Like why the fuck did I smoke the shit?
Fell asleep and never woke up from it
But whatever, that man ain’t wearin’ my denim pants
And these long, long nights on all this cocaine
Ain’t working man
So, what am I to do
When the game is so fake and I am true
And my city just got the W
And the number one spot is vacant too
And I think my foot might fit the shoe
And I think my glasses look a fool
And I know my daughter so proud
Tell the kids my daddy got a pool
And I can’t stop smilin’ at the crib
I can’t stop frownin’ out in public
I got this paparazzi on me
Or see these rappers actin’ funny
I see them stealin’ what I did
I see them pimpin’ out the culture
I heard the game missed the kid
Dear hip-hop this what I wrote y’all
Just what I am

Young kells in this motherfucker
Young gun in this motherfucker blam, aye
For my city though, for the game
EST. That is me, huh, hold up that is we, aye
Double X, aye,
We the best, aye
Bake boulevard going crazy though
Red lights motherfucker, white smoke, ha ha
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