LA Leakers Freestyle #013 – Machine Gun Kelly

Look, you wanna know who’s in my top ten
Me, me, me and me again
Run and tell them that it ain’t pretend
No fake news, CNN
Run and tell them that I lay the pipe
All my exes still sprung
That must mean the double X’s on my chest ain’t the only thing huh
What did I do to deserve this?
I can tell you if you listen
The difference is you a gimmick, I earned this
Someone give me some detergent
I just came out of the mud
Wipe my sneakers on the rug
No ID’s for the club
No idea where the stash is, hidden pocket for the drugs
Tell the police suck my dick like sluts
I will not budge
Nor will I trust, I am rich like Russ
I used to grab my daughter from her mothers house on 112th and Dove
They tried to kill me in my dads truck
I had a 40 in my pants tucked
You know I am from the land of
Young killers, no manners
Put the purple in the fantas
Eyes red like Santas
And now a driver pulls the van up
Now they watchin me wit cameras
Had to shut down the campus
All the way to Los Angeles
See ya’ll got me on some trash
Got me speakin on the past
Like I wasn’t on a private jet with Dan Gilbert gettin Kyrie at the draft
Like I wasn’t shining on my XXL freshman class
Like I needed these collabs
Just to get these plaques
No, I got plenty of ’em
Man I’m solo on many of ’em
Y’all know I changed rap
Live shows I changed that
Mosh pits since way back
My guitar, I play that
Ya’ll witnessing a rock star kissin on a pop star
Power, I bloom, no flower
Swisher sweet full of sour
That’s a juxstaposition
Shut the fuck up and listen
Just to meet me in the present is a present
Meet me for dinner at seven, a celebration is in order
Book me a table at Beauty & Essex
I don’t need the menu neither
Bring me some Yellow Tail and tequila
Used to eat Taco Bell every evening
That’s what the fuck I was doing in Cleveland
Aye, worth the wait
Third album on the way, y’all know I slay
I shotgun pump, I don’t pump brakes
I’m my favorite rapper alive since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45
I wonder, what now?
It’s the Gunna (click clack, keep going?)
Look, ya’ll don’t gotta hear shit
Ask anybody in the 216 if my name rings bells in them bricks
Everybody know who that is
So what you hate boy, you late boy
You ain’t heard about that great boy
The 3 letter name caucase boy
Used to live right there up the way boy
Man you heard about him, said the name
Saw the iTunes and clicked to play
You liked the shit and then bought the shit
And put ’em on a playlist right next to Jay
Yo girl saw me and I signed her tits
Disappeared, you couldn’t find the bitch
And your heart stopped, you know what time it is
Aye her man called me like
Be humble, not now
It’s the Gunner, need my crown
Gimme that
Tweet 88k