Leef – Ball Park Music

Leef, I told you all my secrets
Leef until I first did cry
Deep within abyss of birth rates
Sprawling from a dead bird’s eye

Save me from tipping off the corner, cut my spine
Blow through recorders, seven years of caked-up eyes
Eyes learn to dance, cryptic cheaters on the phone
Train me, a pansy, to charm the insects and make you known

Flee into the circus lately
Aren’t you going to pry me with your red-hot mic?
Level level eight, I died and held a service
Played a little song beneath a tambourine

Save me from ancient, cells are bulging through my skin
Lanterns burn the fat, it smells as if I’m caving in
From up where we stood on Wellington with hands of snow
I sink through your bright scars, your throat is holding hands with mine
And time timbers over, it cracks with its ferocious whine

I’ll love you forever
I’ll love you forever
I’ll love you forever
I’ll love you forever
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