Lil B Lyrics

Lil B

Zam Bose (In San Jose)
Yun Wan Beef
Yu Feel Me
Your Mind Is A Gold Mine
Your Going To The League
Young Niggaz (Remix)
Young Niggaz
Young Bull
You Unda
You Swim
You Saved Me
You Ever Did That
You 4real
Yee Yee Dreams
Would You Still Care
Working Man Remix
Woo Woo Swag
Wonton Soup
Wolves Come Out At Night Based Freestyle
Wolves And Snakes
Wolfpack Foreva
With My Gunz Out
With Me
Win Loose Or Struggle
Will Power
Wild Wild West
Why Would I Ever Loose
Whodie Whodie
Who You Love
Who I Want
Who Got My Back
Who Gangsta
White Man
Where Ya From Gurl
Where The Game Began
Where Is The Potion
Where Dem Based Boys
When I Write
What You Think About It
What You Doin’
What It Feel Like
West Coast
Were U From Throw It Up
Welcome To 05
Welcome Home
We Still Winnin
We Solid
We Not Them
We Just Fuck Em
We Did It
We Can Go Down
We Are The World
Way Mo Young
Water On The Paper
Watch Yo Bitch
Watch Wit Da Scope
Watch Out 4 Da Lick
Wat’s The Mob
Wat Im Duin Based Freestyle
Wasup JoJo
Wasup James Harden
Warm Ups
Wanton Soup
Walk The World
Wake Up, Mr. Flowers (Remix)
Wake Up Mr Flowers 3mix
Wake Up Get High Go Back To Sleep
Voyage To Berkeley California
Vote For Lil B
VIP Dance
Violate That Bitch
Video Game That I Still Play
Video Game Master
Victory 2010
Vest Off
Upside Ya Head Based Freestyle
Up To Bat
Up In Smoke
Up And Down
Under Or Above Basedworld Interlude
Unchain Me
U C Me
Twurk Sum
Twurk It Like Dat
Twerk Like Miley
Turned Me Cold
Turn Up (Till You Can’t)
Tryna Buy Pu$$y
Trapped In Prison
Trapped In BasedWorld (Intro)
Total Recall Remix
Total Recall
To The Sky
Tiny Pants Bitch
Tin Man
Time To Die
Till The Sunlight
Thugs Pain Remix PT2
Thugs Pain Remix
Thugs Pain
Thugs Jurnal
Thuggin Till Death
Thugged Out Bitch
Thug Life
Thug Cowboy
This Is The Game
This Is The BasedGod
Think Im BasedGod Remix
Think Im BasedGod
They Want B
They Lookin Remix
The World So Cold
The World Is Ours
The Working Man
The Wilderness
The Viewing Of The Casket Interlude
The Ultimate (INTRO)
The Truth
The Trap
The Summer (Interlude)
The Summer
The Season
The Realist Ever
The Real Is Back
The Perfect Woman
The Original
The Old Days
The Growth
The Game On Lock
The Bible
The Best
The BasedGods Layer
The BasedGods Coming
The BasedGod Is Perfect
The Based One
That O
Thank You BasedGod Sac Town
Thank You BasedGod
Thank You All, I Love You
Texas Thug
Texas Or Flordia
Tennessee Lil B Smoke Break
Tell You This
Task Force Tributes
Task Force Platoon 6
Task Force Let Us In
Task Force
Tank Of Propaine
Talking To My Dad
Talking That Based Remix
Talking That Based
Take This Trip
Take A Picture
T-Shirts & Buddens
Switch Lanes
Swag On My Dick
Swag My Bitch Up
Swag Jerry Rice
Swag 4X
Surrender To Me
Supposed Ta
Suck My Dick Hoe
Suck My Dick Ho Remix
Stuck Up Bitch
Strong Arm
Stripper Pole
Strip You
Stright Up
Street Dreams Remix
Straps On Deck
Stopping And Going
Stop Selling Dope
Still Thuggin
Still The Rawest Out Based Freestyle
Still Run It
Still In The Hood
Still Going
Still Flexin Membership
Still Cooking
Stephen Hawking
Stealing From Strippers
Stay With The Mack
Stay Frozen
Staring Out My Window
Standing Ova Intro
Stand Down
Stab You When Dead
Spontaneous Combustion
Spend Money
Soulja Boy Checks In
Soul On The Streets
Soul Food
So Thirsty
So Posh
So Ice Cold
So Based
Smoking With Obama
Sleep By The Bay
Sky’s The Limit
Skreet Nigga
Ski Ski BasedGod
Ski Mask Thuggin
Simplest Form
Simple Math
Show You Who The Bitch
Show Promoter Skit
Shoutout (Interlude)
Shoot Them Gunz
Shoot The Bitch Bra
Shoot A Gun
Shes Ready
She Don’t Love Me
She Aint Average
Shake Ya Booty
Shake It Move It
Shake It Like A Ho
Servin Rocks
Sellin Off Dummies
Sellin Of Skinny
See Ya
See Me In The Game
Secrets Pt 1
Scouts Report
Save The Planet
Salute To The Bitch
Ryan Seacrest
Run Them Bandz Up
Run 4 Mayor
Rules To Join
Rules Of The Game
Ruff Ryder
Rolls Royce
Roll It Up
Rock Up 4sho
Rock Ice
Rock 4sho
Robbin For Xrack
Robbin And Shoppin
Rob The Jewler
Riding Skating Rolling Painting
Ridin’ 4 My Niggaz
Rides Of Hope
Ride Up
Ride (Hold Up)
Rick Ross
Richmond Girl
Rich Ho
Rich Bitch
Rhode Island
Return Of The Mac
Respect Us
Respect My Mind
Respect Me
Reporting For Duty
Rep The West
Rent Due
Relate To Nothing
Reggie Miller
Red Light Fashion
Red Flame
Red Eye Dog
Red Bull
Realist Bitch Alive
Real Plexxx
Real Person Music
Real OG
Real Hip Hop 2012
Real Based
Real 100
Ready For War
Ready 4 The Funk
Ray Rice
Rawest Rapper Alive 2013
Rawest Rapper Alive
(“Black Ken” mixtape)
Rawest Rapper Alive
(“I’m Thraxx” mixtape)
Rat Lovers, Pt. 1
Rare Art
Rags To Riches
R.I.P. The Rap Game
R.I.P. Swag
R.I.P Kennedy
Quit Stealing Swag
PYT Intro
Puttin Bricks On
Put Down The Guns
Pussy On My Face Based Freestyle
Pul Out Dah Yoppa
Profile Slow John Madden Remix
Produced By The BasedGod Intro
Problems In The Streets
Pretty Boy Skit
Pretty Boy Music 2015
Pretty Boy Anthem
Pretty Boy
Pretty Bitch
Prayin 4 A Brick
Prayer To Music
Pour A Cup
Poppin V
Political Warfare
Please Respect The Bitch
Play The Hood
Platinum Flame Headquarters
Pink Flame (Intro)
Pink Flame
Pink Bandanna Party
Peter Pan
Perry Saturn
People Over Money
People Like Me
Payton On Broncos Jordan On Wizards
Pay Attention
Pay 4 Pussy Remix
Pay 4 Pussy
Paul Peirce Based Freestyle
Pass The Roc
Pass The Dro
Pass The Ball
Painful Intermission
P Flame Shoutouts
Out The Hood
Out The Game
Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
Only Time I Slow Down
One Time (Remix)
One Raindeer
Old Sku Mobbin
Off Top
Off Da Bench
Obama BasedGod
Oakland To Berkeley
NY Tunnel Underground Cypher Based Freestyle
Ny Cab Wont Stop
Notty BasedGod Based Freestyle
No Pressure
No Options
No Names
No Mo Blow
No Luck To Show
No Black Person Is Ugly
New York Subway
New York Anthem
New World
New Orleans Based
New Orleans
Never Going Back
Never Came Out
Neva Switch
Neva Stop Me
Neva Happend
Net Worth
Need My Love
NBATV Commercial
NBA Stole My Swag
NBA Live
My Shoes On
My Life
My Last Chance
My Last Call
My House
My History
My Garage Remix
My Face (Intro)
My Ex Bitch
My Diary Pt.4
My Day Off
My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge
Multiple Mindstates
Ms Woman
Mr Igloo
Mr Glassface
Mr Dopeman
Move Correct
Mount Up
Motivation Remix
More Silence More Coffins
Money Over Suckas
Money In My Spirit Ouu
Money Connect
Mona Lisa
Mines Well Be Hank
Mexico Skit
Merry Xmas
Mel Gibson
Meeting In The Town
MC Hamma
Material Mindstate
Mask Up
Marry Me
Marbel Floors And Pain
Making Money In The Room Based Freestyle
Made Man Skit
Made Man
Mack Maine
Mac Pressed Over
Lying To The Kid
Lying In The Truth
Lurk N Twerk
Loyalty Casket Intro
Love Problems
Love Pain
Love N Hate
Love Me
Love Buyin Pussy
Love B
Lost Ones
Los Angeles BasedGod
Look Like Jesus
Look Like God
Look In My Eyes
Living My Life
Live Thru Me
Live from the Island – Hawaii
Live From Da Hood
Listen To God Speak
Listen Pay Attention
Lil Bs Layer
Lil B Happy Halloween
Lil B
Like Me
Like A Martian
Light You Up
Light Work
Lifes Hard
Lifes A Journey
Life’s Zombies
Life’s A Bitch
Life Or Death
Licks And Ducktape
Licking The P
Lick A Shot
Lettter To Brandon
Letter B4 Da Chair
Lets Meet Outro
Lets Go To Tennessee
Lets Get ‘Em
Let Shit Slide
Let It Drop
Let Em Go B
Les Misrabel
Lead Work
Laundry Mat Music
Laugh Now Cry Later
Last Of The BasedWorld
Last Dance Remix
Kurt Angle
King Cotton
Kill Every Snitch
Keke That’s My Kitty
Keith Sweat
Keep Strippin
Keep Saggin
Keep Rising
Keep My Eyes Open 2
Keep It So Gutta
Keep It 100
Katy Perry
Justin Bieber
Just Trust Us
Just A Lil Bit
Just A Dream
Junes Confessions
James Bond Robber
Is This Life
Intro (05 Fuck Em)
Inky With The Dinky
In The Wind
In Love With The BasedGod
In Down Bad
Ima Sell
Ima Player
Ima Eat Her Ass Based Freestyle
Ima Catch A Murder
Ima Barber
Im The Rap God
Im The Bada$$
Im So Hood
Im So Happy
Im Positive
Im On A Mission
Im Kanye
Im Gunna Be A Doctor
Im Goverment
Im Golden
Im Depressed Again
Im 2 Real
Illusions Of Granduer Remix
Illusions Of Grandeur
Illusions Of G
I’m Tupac
I’m Thraxx Intro
I’m The Devil
I’m Solid
I’m Paris Hilton
I’m On My Grind
I’m Miley Cyrus
I’m Like Killah (Remix)
I’m Like Killah
I’m In The Streetz
I’m Heem
(“I’m Thraxx” mixtape)
I’m Heem
(“Blue Flame” mixtape)
I’m God
I’m Fabio
I’m Down 4 Hire
I’ll Be Back Again
I Win
I Was Born Poor
I Tot Iann
I Still Got Beef
I Still Can’t Sleep (Unreleased)
I Seen That Light
I Rather Die Then Go Home
I Own Swag
I No M Bleek
I No Lil B I No Lil B
I Need The Based
I Need
I Love You
I Love Video Games
I Love Strugglin’
I Love Hip Hop
I Love Bitche$
I Killed Hip Hop
I Kant Fight The Feeling
I Just Wanna Cry
I Hate Myself
I Got To Many Bitches Based Freestyle
I Got Options Which Way
I Got Mo Based Freestyle
I Got Drafted
I Got Bitches 2014
I Got Bitches
(“Everything Based” mixtape)
I Got Bitches
(“6 Kiss” album)
I Got Beef
I Got Alot Of Bitches
I Got Aids
I Go The Hardest
I Go Dumb
I Forgive You
I Flex Bitches Based Freestyle
I Don’t Hate You
I Choose Her
I Cant Breath
I Am The Rawest Rapper
I Am The Ocean
I Am The Hood
I Am Pretty Boy Music
I Am George Floyd
I Am A Thug
I Aint Neva Won
Hunchback Of BasedGod
Hummus Or Crack
Hugh Hefner
How The Girls Sound
How I Feel
Hot Girl
Hot Boy Flow
Hoop Life 2 (Intro)
Hoop Life
Hood Stories
Hood Played Out
Hold My Dope
Hoes On My Dick
Hoes Ain’t Shit
Ho Suck My Dick Based Freestyle
Ho Stop Playin
Hit Em With The Chop
Hit Em Up
Hit Da 4lo
Hip Hops Alive
Hip Hop 101
Hip Hop
Heaven For A G
Hearts Review
Heard Her Cry
Hate Is Fear
Hate In My Hart
Harry Potter
Hardest To Do It
Happy New Year
Hannah Montana
Handle Your Goals
Halloween Night Interlude
Halloween H20
Halloween Bitches Based Freestyle
Hall Of Fame
Gutta Work
Gutta Goin Platinum
Gucci Shotgun
Growin Up (Interlude)
Green Flame Remix
Green Flame
Green Card
Great China Sea
GQ Magazine
Gotta Respect It
Gotta Question
Gotta Make The NBA
Gotta Blow
Got You One
Got The Mack Loaded
Got Dat Sac
GOR (God Of Rap)
Goon Turned God
Goodby BasedGod Velli
Good Day
Gone In 60 Seconds
Gon Hit That 50
Gon Be Okay
Goin Platinum
Gods Father
God Kissed Me
Go Under Remix
Go To Work
Go To Dumb
Go Stupid Go Dumb
Go Senorita Go
Go Dumb Tonight
Giving Up Remix
Giving Up
Girlfriend On My Nerves
Girl When I Want You
Girl Talk Interlude
Gimme My Swag Back
Gimme Mo Bitches
Ghetto Dreams
Getting On The Freeway
Getting Hot
Get That Money Based Freestyle
Get RIch
Get Racks
Get It While It’s Good
Get High
General Bitch
Gato Gato
Gangstas Smile
Game Don’t Change
Fuckin With Me
Fuckin Wit Da Fiens
Fuck Ya Money
Fuck The World
Fuck The Ops
Fuck That Sucka (INTRO)
Fuck My Bitch
Fuck Me Remix
Fuck Me
Fuck Kd (Kevin Durant Diss)
Fuck KD
Fuck Em
From The End To The Start Outro
From The Bay
Freeway Trips
Freedom O Freedom
Free My Life
Free Lil Wayne
Free Life
Free Da Wurld
Free Bandz
Free 03
Frankie Silver
Foul Out
For The BasedGod
Foolin Around
Fonk Aint Dead
Flowers Rise
Flexin Rick Ross
Flexin Maybak
Flexin Maybach Remix
Flexin Maury Povich
Flex 36
Flagrant Foul
Finna Hit A Lick
Finess Em
Feel No Pain Based Freestyle
Fed Time
Febuarys Confessions
Fake Niggas
Fake Love
Fake Family
F The Devil (Based Freestyle)
Exhibit Based
Exhibit 6
Evil Red Flame
Everytime I Fail
Everything Based
Eternal Burning
Erybody Kno
Emotional Player
Ellen Degeneres Remix
East Oakland International
Dying Message
Dying Breed
Dusty Bitches Pt.1
Durty Pop
(“Black Flame” mixtape)
Durty Pop
(“I Forgive You” mixtape)
Drug Dealer PSA
Drop Out
Dress For The Occasion
Dreams Acapella
Drank On Your Lean
Dr. Phil
Double Cup Fuck Em
Dopeman Hunter
Dope Lines
Dont Need Help
Dont Miss The Gems
Dont Forget About Me
Don’t Let Me Die
Don’t Go Outside
Domestic Violence Case
Dolla For Dolla
Doja 2
Doin Bad
Do The Basedgod
Do My Job
Do It Like Bluit
Do It
Do Da BasedGod
DJ BasedGod
Dirty Game
Dior Denim
Dig Deep
Die For Based
Deez Bitches (Based Freestyle)
December 1989
Death Valley
Death Acapella
Dear Mama
Deals Whoodie
Day Of The Dead And Life Interlude
Day Of The Dead
Dark Skin
Dangerous Minds 2010 Acapella
Dancing At Night
Da Backstreetz
D.O.R. (Death Of Rap)
Cumin Up
Cumin From Da Unda
Crying In The Club
Crown Me King
Crime Fetish
Crabs N A Bucket
Cowboy Riding Horses In Illinois
Count Dtat Kash
Cought A Case
Corna Sto
Cooking Dance
Cook That Bitch
Cook Steak Knife
Cook My Bitch
Control Response
Connected In Jail
Connect The Dots
Conflicted And Gifted
Complex Hate Crimes
Coming Up Everyday
Come To The Waterfront INTRO
College Bros
Cold War, Pt. 2
Cold War
Cold Nights In Boston
Cold Case
Cocaine Option
Cocaine Blunts (The Dedication)
CNBFTBGB Based Freestyle
Clink Clink (Clean Version)
Cing Angels
Choppin Paper Up
Chess Game
Chasing The Rain
Championship Game
Celebrate For Lil B
Castles And Dragons
Cashout On Me Based Freestyle
Cashing Out
Cash Out
Carson Daily
Captin Savea
Cant See B
Cant Fuck My Bitch
Can’t Go Back
Can I Bust Tonight
Call Me Coach
California Boy
By Myself
Buy A Ho
Buss Em 4 Points
Built To Survive
Bruno Intro
Broken Levee
Broken Dreams
Bring The Beat Back
Bring The BasedGod And Lil B Gifts
Brief Intermission
Breath Slow
Break The Scale
Bout That Unda
Bout Dat Wo
Bout Dat Life
Bounce 4 Dem Hunedz
Booty Talk
Booty Pics
Body Shaming
BMTF In Albany CA
Blue Flame Remix
Blue Flame
Bloggers Anthem
Black Smile
Black Flame
Black Bih Stole
Black And White
Bitches Till I Die
Bitches I Did It Based Freestyle
Bitch Of The City
Bitch Mob Vet
Bitch Mob Killah
Bitch Mob Gangsta
Bitch Mob Anthem
Bitch Mob (Intro)
Bitch KT
Bitch Im Bussin
Bitch I’m Bill Clinton
Bitch Fuck With Me (Snippet)
Bitch Fuck With Me
Bitch Dont Lie
Bitch Doing 30
Birth To Life Acapella
Birdz Fly In The Drought
Bird On My Shoulder Based Freestyle
Bill Bellamy
Bih I Love Lil B
Big Dawg
Before The Diary
Beez In Da Hood
Been Waiting Outro
Beat The Odds
Beat The Ho Up
Beat The Cancer
Beat My Ho
Be Brave Welcome Home
Be A Star
Bay Area West Coast Tribute Based Freestyle
Bay Area Music
Bay Area Based Freestyle
Battery Acid
Basketball Party
Bashido Blade
Basedworld Paradise
BasedWorld Motivation
BasedPrint 2
BasedGods So Cocky
BasedGod Velli
BasedGod Strugglin’
BasedGod Ish
BasedGod Fucked My Bitches
BasedGod Bassrock Based Freestyle
BasedGod 50
(“Thugged Out Pissed Off” mixtape)
(“Blue Flame” mixtape)
Based Race
Based Niggas
Based News
Based Memories
Based Legend
Based Jam Remix
Based Jam
Based Hero
Based Cerebral
Base For Your Face
Bar Mitzvah
Bank Account Remix
Ban The Weapons
Ballerina Based Freestyle
Bad Mf
Bad Bitch Hunna Based Freestyle
Background Check
Back To Based Based Freestyle
Back To Back Target
Back Of Yo Neck
Back Of The Mayback
Back Home
B.O.R. (Birth Of Rap)
Azz Up
Aug 17th
At Work
At The Freethrow
Artistic Or Autistic
Appreciate You
Angels Prayer
Amis Scur
Always Been Alone Based Freestyle
Alota Bitches
All One Me Based Freestyle
All My Life (Remix)
All I Know
All I Have
All Day
All Alone
Aint Gon Pick Up
Ain’t Me
Act Right
Across The Sea
A Brick And FN
510 Rachet
420 Anthem
4 The Paper
4 Tha Record
4 My
4 Me
4 Da BitchMob
3rd World Hustla
36 Rick Ross
2 Rich To Pimp REMIX
2 Rich To Pimp
10k Summa
1000 Bitches
100% Percent Gudda
100 Percent Bitch
100 Grand
1 Time
1 Night In Flordia
1 Mo
05 Out
05 Fuck Em Remix
05 Fuck Em
Tweet 88k