LTFU (One More Time) – Machine Gun Kelly

Time, one more time
One more time
One more time
One more…

Yeah, we gunna do it uh
For the nights in the past we ain’t do enough
For the unforgettable nights we couldn’t take in
Cause we were to busy guzzlin the gin
All in, til we spew it up
My city love me so whenever I’m home
I get the messages saying that it is on
Tell my homie Seven order up another zone
me and Dubo getting high, Slim pouring the patron
In the club nights, the rock boys in the building bitch
Muther fuck VIP
I’m trying to see all the girls in the crowd get wild
And which one of em is trying to suck D-I-C
Somebody go and tell the DJ to play my shit
“Man I’m so Cleveland”, yeah thats my shit
Bottles all gone, take a few more sips
All these hoes got money, so I’m filthy rich
Rich, yup they rich, and they love to spend it all on my click
They know we don’t like clothes so they strip
Sign my name all across they tits, shit
Now where we at next? I don’t know but wherever we go don’t dress
Half naked and my chucks still fresh
Half baked but I’m not no chef
Yes, let me hit it one more time like Brittany
Let me get 9 more shots like fifty
Bitch I hustle, but I ain’t Nipsey
Bitch I rage, who gets tipsy?
Last call for alcohol
So all the hoes go and get in my bed
And I say hoes cuz I mean more than one
Ima freak, so girl go and grab your friend, kellz

One more time, kellz, kellz, kellz
One more time [x4]
Smokin out, pourin up
Keep a drink up in my cup [x3]
Smokin out, pourin up

And I’m, back on my bullshit
Walk in the room can you smell that ugh shit
Speed it up in a giant red bull shit
’93 Michael Jordan red bull shit
And I’m so MVP, Derrick Rose ain’t got shit on me
And I fuck like a porn star
All of the girls no I don’t play ball
But they know that I got that D
I am on Jets, no NYC
Now I’m in stores like FYE
Saw my face on MTV
She suckin with no hands like an amputee
God dammit I’m me, dammit I’m Kellz
I don’t cuff hoes, what I look like jail?
I just fuck hoes, and I fuck them well
And make them pay me, call that bail
Bottles on me like a newborn
Gotta put the crew on
Pull up to the party in an all black Yukon
Presidential shit, but I don’t got a suit on
No shirt, gotta keep it hot like Tucson
And I rage, and I rage, better than yall
Any day, any place, bet I go hard
Step into the party and the cameras go awe
Little bit of liquor when I’m in my drawers
Oh naw, hell naw
I am wilder than a muther fuckin raina
I can smoke all your weed dude, can’t I?
I be smoking shit that make you do the macarena
I be on the east side, i be with the gangstas
I be fucking your bitch, she is a complaina
Cuz she be screamin real loud like a singa
Let me hit it, let me hit it, one more time
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