Mac Lethal Lyrics

Mac Lethal

Woodchip Grinder
Why Waking Up At 4:30 AM Is Stupid
Weekly Wage
Weed & Coffee
War Drum
Walkin’ On Nails
Vodka Tonic With A Lime
Turning Into My Father
Til The Casket Drops
Therapy For Gangsters
The Watchmaker Theory
The Story Of My Drug Addiction
The Parlour
Tell Me Goodbye
Sun Storm
Speak Low
Something I Can <3
Sleepless & Senseless
Single White Female
Santa Raps So Fast!!!
Royals Cap (Number The Stars)
Rotten Apple Pie
Rapping Without the Letters A E I or U
Rapping With Only Z Words (Try And Say This!)
Rapping The Lies People Tell On Social Media
Rapping About The Theory Of Relativity
Rapping About Cleopatra
Rapping A Verse Forward & Backward (2 Different Meanings!!!)
Raise The Dead
Quarter Life
Pound That Beer
Pass The Ammo
Pancake Rap (Cook With Me Now)
Pale Kid Raps Faster!
Old Rasputin (Every Night)
My Mom Izza Thug
My Favorite Song
More To Life
Midnight In Manhattan
Mermaid Pornography
Marijuana Plants On Saturn
Make Out Bandit
Mac Lethal Sucks Pt. 2
Look At Me Now
Lithium Lips
Life Is Death Is (So Damn Good)
Know It All
Jake + Olive
Insane Fast Rap (Joe Rogan Diss)
I’m Odd
I Wrote This For My Ex-Girlfriend… In Highschool
I Tried To Kill Myself
I Bought An Island
Go To Sleep
Fuck You All
Feel It In The Air
Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly… Are Dating Now
Dying Young
Dude Remakes A Kanye West Song With Hair Products, Then Kills It
Day By Day
Cousin Tiffany’s Wedding
Club Bamboo
Clinically Insane
Calm Down Baby
Blazing Hot Fast Rap
Black Widow Spider
Black Rainbow
Bird Feeder
Beatbox + iPhone + Guitar + Fast Rap = Win
Angel Of Death
An Abusive Boyfriend Wrote This To Win His Ex Back
An 84 Year Old Man Wrote This About His Wife
An 11 Year Old Boy Wrote This About His Bully
Alphabet Insanity 2
Alphabet Insanity
A Cool Breeze
A Boy From India Wrote This For His Girlfriend
A 60 Year Old Woman Wrote This About Her Dog
A 26 Year Old Mom Wrote This About Her Boyfriend
A 17 Year Old Girl Wrote This About Her Crush
A 16 Year Old Wrote This Diss About His Mom
A 15 Year Old Wrote This Diss About His Dad
A 13 Year Old Wrote This About His Depression
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