Matt Hires Lyrics

Matt Hires

You In The End
You Are The One
Wishing On Dead Stars
When I Was Young
We’re Gonna Break
Turn The Page
The Wilderness
The Tragedy Of The Leaves
The Sound Of Falling In Love
Tangled Web
State Lines
Signal In The Sky
Rock N’ Roll Heart
Restless Heart
Red Eye
Pick Me Up
Over You
Out Of The Dark (Demo)
Out Of The Dark
O Sunrise
No Starting Over
Mothers & Fathers
Miles Past Midnight
Listen To Me Now
I’m On Your Side
I Don’t Want To Let You Go
I Am Not Here
Hurricane (Demo)
Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song
Holy War
Heartache Machine
Glory Bound
Fire & Dust
Fighting A Ghost
Don’t Let Your Heart Grow Cold
Break No More
Black River
Begin Again
All That’s Left Is You
A To B
A Perfect Day
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