Meghan Patrick Lyrics

Meghan Patrick

Wild As Me
Who Knew
Where You Drink
We Got It All
Walls Come Down
Things I Shouldn’t Say
The Way You Apologize
The Buzz
The Bad Guy
Thanks To You
Still Loving You
Small Town
Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You
Praying Right
Nothin’ But A Song
Never Giving Up On You
My First Car
Mama Prayed For
Long Way From Waylon
Liar Too
Kiss Me Already
I’ll Be Home For Christmas
I Won’t Drink
I Don’t Look At Him
I Believe In Beer
Heart On My Glass
Hardest On My Heart
Grace & Grit
Goes Good With Beer
Girls Like Me
George Strait
Forever Ain’t Enough Time
Feel Me Gone
Country Music Made Me Do It
Cool About It
Case Of Beer And A Bed
Breaking Records
Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Black Velvet
Better Story
Belong In Boots
Be Country With Me
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