MOMONEY – Zaytoven (feat. Chief Keef)

Glory Boy Entertainment, gang
Sos’ baby, gang
Introducing… my mowfuckin self
Gang, show these fuckniggas what it is
Gang, Hellcat ridin’
’19 Lamborghini ridin’
Trackhawk ridin’
2020 Audi ridin’
Glory Boy Entertainment

I need guap, I got guap, I think you need a side job
Talk crazy on the Iphone, I leave you on the asphalt
Oh that’s for tadoe, give me chicken, what your wife cooked me
Fuck me in your favorite room, I see why you wife the pussy
You a pussy, plough that pussy, get the money, hide the money
Shawty getting good money, what you think you big dummy?
Currency and Wayne money naw this ain’t Young Money
We got 24 hours to go and get da same money (gang gang gang gang)
Sosa got his own company
Strap money, mall money, y’all making small money
Run up on me, roll out we take yo show money
Gang just back then, now you ain’t got no money

Mo Money, Po Money, Chief Sosa, Sosa bae
Yeah, gang gang gang
Yall ain’t gettin no money nigga
I’m on my CEO shit, right now man
You know how we rock
Spend a quarter a week, hundred tomorrow
That’s crazy man, gang
My lawyer ain’t for that, I’m on UT no toro
Couple cars foreigns, four chains nigga
Gang, hit niggas with fifty shots

I’ma do me ask money who the fucking man
Walking with a waddle and we still popping bottles man
Sex in the club, baby girl but my crib better
I don’t think I’m ready baby, I don’t think we can live together
Oh you like my rollie, okay baby shake your booty meat
Nigga came upon me, said he the king
I’m like who is he?
He in a beam for the Rico, nigga nineteen in the game
You can’t even wear your shit lil nigga why you get the chain
Shoutout to my nigga Reese, make yo body rock
Look outside, see 300, now the party stop
448 inna loud, now the party fucked
Me and Glory boyz, Glo Gang, we make the party rock

Pussy ass Nigga (pussy)
Lil talkin’ ass boy
Yeah, I am MR. S-O-S-A-G-B-E, I didn’t do good on my S.A.T
But I got the B-A-N-D-S (get off my Deez Nuts)
That is Glory Boy US, I am Mr.Kangaroo Pocket
I know you wanna show them to your girl, get off our Motherfuckin Dicks
Gang, Gang, Sos’ baby, Sos’ baby

I want a boss bitch, I don’t like no thotty baby
She ain’t ina buggy baby
She ina sport she tryna race me
I don’t want no hummer truck, Imma grab a Dually baby
Can’t eat that shit, that’s for you for surely baby
She gave a stunt man, Imma get my new nocatti
40 in my pocketscreen, I ain’t tryna do the talkin’
Hear no evil speak no evil, bitch I’m hardy speakin’ to people
Lamborghini scaring people so I call dat bitch gorillas

Boy hot, I ain’t hot
I’m steaming hot
I’m Mr.4EB, that’s fuck everybody if you ain’t know
Sosa baby, O-8 bust 10 chains and I’m up here
Nigga you be sneak dissing, when you see us don’t greet don’t smile, nun of dat shit
Sosa, it’s almighty nigga
Almighty don’t like nobody
Huh, huh, huh, aye
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