Nevergiveup – 6obby

I just feel lost. I feel like I’m aimlessly wandering, and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of that feeling of staying in limbo, I’m tired of seeming like I’m not going anywhere, spinning my wheels. No, God, no, I’m not quitting. God, no, I’m not quitting. I couldn’t give up… I’m not gonna give up

Catch me chasin’ circles, man, my mind is steady in a drift
And all these people tryna get to me by talkin’ all that shit
I’m tryna live my life and all these problems always knock me down
And I ain’t tryna kick it with no fakes, so don’t you come around
I’m chillin’ with the realest and we always smokin’ by the pound
I cherish every moment ’cause one day we’ll all be in the ground
I’m sippin’ on some liquor and I’m smokin’ on some hella loud
Sick of all this fakeness said I’m sick of people in this town
Yeah, but I ain’t ever gonna quit
I worked my ass off for this Bogo and you know I rock this fit
And I ain’t get this shit for free, I’m steady workin’, check for check
I feel like Wiz Khalifa, man, I’m gettin’ higher than a jet
And don’t you ever give up on any situation, ever
You know pain is temporary and that quitting last forever
I ain’t worried ’bout these people, I’m more worried ’bout my paper
I ain’t worried ’bout these people, I’m more worried ’bout my paper, yeah

Never give up
Don’t you ever give up
Never give up

I’m smokin’ high grade, sippin’ lean with lemonade
You’ll find your own way, you’ll find your own way
We been here a short time, yeah, we don’t live long at all
Do whatever you want ’cause this life is all yours

Ayy, and I’m just flexin’ with my bros
And that girl who just left you, man, you gotta let her go
You gonna meet a lot of people when you walkin’ up this road
I know that feeling when you feel like you ’bout to explode
And everywhere you go, it don’t really feel like home
I know that feeling, I can relate, just know you’re not alone
I’m not your average teen, record these verses in my home
Yeah, I’m just a loner, ain’t nobody hit my phone
And I been workin’ everyday, I been workin’ on my own
Tryna make a living off this music, it’s a goal
I put my heart into this music, I won’t let it go
If you’re ever feeling sad, you need to take control
Feeling suicidal? Yeah, I’ve felt that way before
Write a letter, grab a rope, and then I lock my door
Don’t you ever do it, those decisions are so poor
Just chase your dreams, youngin’, ’cause this life is all yours, yeah

The heart may be weak, and sometimes, it may even give in. But I’ve learned… that deep down, there’s a light that never goes out
If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there
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