Night After Night – Rare Americans

My memory, my lungs
They keep me up for months
I take time now, I need rest
I’m not 16 lackin’ cheques
Time is just another night, I take it as it comes
The words just don’t mean all that much
This is just another show, I call it as I see
Average tricks don’t work on me

Night after night
Miscounting sheep and losing sight
Night after night
Up for hours, goes the fight
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey!

I’ve got not one complaint
In my head quiet debate
If I had it over again
Advice that I would lend
So-so is state of mind, I take a hard look
Can’t find the answers in the books
Hum drum is on attack and now it got your mom and dad
Now it wants you just as bad

Time after time
I can see, mirror doesn’t lie
Time after time
I can’t find the reason why
Hey, hey, hey!

(Is it) too late for me?
(Vivid) own referee
(Pivot) longevity
(Is it) too late for me?
Too late for me?
Too late for me?
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