No Hook – Bali Baby


Ridin’ so smooth, don’t talk to me bitch cause I’m not in the mood
Burgundy flag, little bitch I’m Piru
Talking that shit but got nothing to prove
My niggas are demons got nothing to lose
He all in my face yeah that man not your dude
My bitch a swimmer I’m wet like a pool
When i walk out I make niggas say “Ooh”
And that’s not me it’s you, no broke niggas that’s my number one rule
I take little bitty bitches to school
I’m not a worker but I got the tool
And he kissing my neck yeah it’s wet cause my jewels
And don’t take that video, I’m not YesJulz
Fake gold yeah you niggas a fool
Bloody Bali, bitch you know that I’m bool
And ain’t no hook on this track
I get on a mic and go black
These bitches dip up in your sack
Grah, grah yeah we pull up with mag’s
Yeah bitch playing traffic
Your bitch is so boring she average
Yeah you need a bitch that’s a savage
You need a bitch that’s gon’ let these folks have it
But niggas love that fucking plastic
And all my music fucking classic
Money turned me to an addict
I need a Jasmine but I’m not Aladdin
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