Nobody Knows – Bamboo

Everybody’s looking for the answers
I’m just looking for a heart to call my own
Been here before, there’s ain’t nothing new to me
It’s the same old reaction, let’s put the blame on me

It’s amazing how love sets you free
A spell too powerful for a simple boy like me
Gave it up when I had you
If I knew now what I knew
No better man you’ll find
Just give it some time

You, you…
Without you I’m gone
You, you…
Left without a reason I fall

Nobody knows what the pied piper knows

What’s it gonna take for you to see
God I, God I need to know
Before time stops and my heart drops
Is there something you could do
To help me see it through

Nobody knows what the pied piper knows

You, you…
Way to my heart
You, you…
You gave me a reason
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