One Last Dance – Badly Drawn Boy

As we lay here tonight
Please forgive me girl if I say the future’s not bright
But please take my hand we’ll have one last dance
In the place where we first met eyes

Holy city zoo
I recall the name of the place where I first saw you
With your eyes so kind and your smile so bright
I just wanted to take you home

Where you go I wanna go
What you do I wanna do
I’ll be your Troy Donnahue
If you’ll be my Sandra Dee

It’s a trivial pursuit
But I know if I fall on my heart I’ll be with you
But please understand I’m just a man and I need you to take me home

We’re togheter now
Wanna change my shoes so I feel like you somehow
Need to breathe your breathe and caress your dress
I’ll be with you for quite some time

I’ll take you where you wanna go
Tell me where I wanna know
I will just go with the flow
As long as I’m there with you

Are the kids ok
Didn’t find the time to give you a call today
But my heart’s with yours
I’m keepin’ score of the things that I have done wrong

Another funeral
All the people I know are beginning to fade away
And I have to say that at least today it’s beginning to get me down

To this day I’m lovin’ you
We know what we wanna do
I am your Troy Donnahue
and you are my Sandra Dee

Now I know you well
I still love you adore you I need you more than then
With your eyes still kind and your smile still bright
I still want to take you home

I will do all that I can
You’re my woman I’m your man
If we still don’t have a plan
We’ll listen to thunderoad
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