Overseas – Young Scooter & Zaytoven

[Hook x2 – Young Scooter:]
I just got a call, they playing my music overseas
Anything you try, I can oversee it
Half of my plugs, they from overseas
Puerto Rican, China, and Colombian

[Verse 1 – Young Scooter:]
Finesse, flex, they playing that in Japan
I do shows in Cuba, I tell them pay me in grams
That bitch from China, every month she make like 50 bands
I gave that ho the recipe now she a millionaire
Pour up, roll up, get faded
Count up, stack up, that paper
Got to watch out for your plug, he’ll try to play you
Look at my haters, like ah he made it
You talking dope, then I’m one of the greatest
COD, nigga, no favorites
They fuck with me in London, hoods going crazy
Apartments to overseas, I done finally made it

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 – E-40:]
I ain’t local bitch, I’m global
My music’s up like togos
Mean mug, dirty popos
In my neighborhood I’m a mogul
All the little kids love me
Want to be just like E
All the bitch niggas hate me
But I flash on a nigga like Adobe
Bitch I’m a motherfucking OG
I just look like this, lowkey
I’m a California bear, not Yogi
Bust you in the face with the deuce deuce threeney
Bullets go through things, holes like earrings
Me and my heathens, live like we kings
All I know is grit, when the baseline hit
That’s some Os I get, winners never quit
I was born in the struggle and I was raised in the trap
I’m just a street nigga that just so happened to rap

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 – Kid Ink:]
The money calling, I’m going back to Paris
Sold out show, spitting crack, what you selling?
They don’t barely speak my language but repeat me like a parrot
It’s apparent who the man, baby you ain’t got to panic
Put them panties to the side, and that dutchie to the left
Got a pound through security and pounds on the check
Passport tatted up, it ain’t nowhere else to stamp
On a ten hour flight, flirting with the flight attendants
Took my niggas out the hood, Crenshaw to Dubai
It’s a lot to understand sitting way up at the top
I oversee it, worldwide, no it’s no longer a secret
Postcard view so fucking scenic

[Hook x2]
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