Passion Pit Lyrics

Passion Pit

You Have The Right
Whole Life Story
Where We Belong
Where The Sky Hangs
Where I Come From
Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)
Two Veils To Hide My Face
To The Otherside
To Kingdom Come
The Undertow
The Reeling
Ten Feet Tall (II)
Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)
Take A Walk
Swimming In The Flood
Stop That!
Somewhere Up There
Smile Upon Me
Seaweed Song
Ruin Your Day
On My Way
My Brother Taught Me How To Swim
Moth’s Wings
Mirrored Sea
Make Light
Love Is Greed
Looks Like Rain
Live To Tell The Tale
Little Secrets
Lifted Up (1985)
Let Your Love Grow Tall
It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy
Inner Dialogue
I’ve Got Your Number
I’m Perfect
I’ll Be Alright
I Found U
Hey K
Get Ghost
For Sondra (It Means The World To Me)
Folds In Your Hands
Five Foot Ten (I)
Eyes As Candles
Dancing On The Grave
Cuddle Fuddle
Cry Like A Ghost
Constant Conversations
Carried Away
Better Things
Batty Lashes
American Blood
All I Want
Tweet 88k