Pat The Bunny Lyrics

Pat The Bunny

Your Heart Is A Muscle The Size Of Your Fist
We’ll Get Arrested, Or Shot (The Defeat)
We Were Young Once
We Don’t Get Tired, We Get Even
We Are All Compost In Training
Vampires Are Poseurs
Times Worth Living (The Tension)
Time To Wake Up
This Is It
This Is Also It
This City Is Killing Me
The Hand You Reach Out Is Empty, As Mine Is
The Hand You Reach Out Is Empty, As Is Mine
The Club Hits Of Today Will Be The Show Tunes Of Tomorrow
Teenage Anarchist
Take Me By The Hand And Lead Me Through This Disaster
Song For The Stray Cat On The Fence
Song For Florence, AZ
Song For A Supermarket Parking Lot
Song For A Stray Cat On The Fence
Song For A Netflix Account
Song For A Chicken Named Jenny
Someday I Will (The Longing)
Run From What’s Comfortable
Of Ballots And Barricades
Never Coming Home
More About Alcoholism
Make Total Destroy
Let’s Take A Ride Like We Used To (The Loathing)
I’m Not A Good Person
I’m Going Home
I Don’t Know
From Here To Utopia
For The Sake Of The Ashes (The Darkness)
First Song, Part 2
First Song, Part 1
End Of The World Remix
Dope Fiend
Don’t Chicken Out (Pt. II)
Don’t Chicken Out (Pt. I)
Cocoon Music
Bitter Old Man
Anarchy Of Dirt
A Glorious Shipwreck
Tweet 88k