Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Lyrics

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott

Your Bit Of Stuff
You, The Mountain And Me
You’re Gonna Miss Me
You And Me (Were Meant To Be Together)
Wives 1, 2 & 3
When Love For Woman Stops
When It Was Ours
When I Get Back To Blighty
What Have We Become
Wanted For Murder
The Snowman
The Right In Me
The Queen Of Soho
The Prison
The Outskirts Of The Dancefloor
The Only Exercise I Get Is You
The Lord Is A White Con
The Horse And Groom
The Future Mrs Heaton
The Fat Man
The Dice
The Austerity Of Love
That’ll Be Us
Sundial In The Shade
Stupid Tears
State Vs Jeeves
Somebody’s Superhero
Some Dancing To Do
So Happy
Since My Dearest Husband
Silence Is
She Got The Garden
Real Love
Real Hope
People Like Us
One Man’s England
No One Wants To Stay
New York Ivy
Nearly Once
My Own Mother’s Son
My Legal High
Moulding Of A Fool
MCR Calling
Market Street
Loving Arms
Love Makes You Happy
Lonesome And Sad Millionaire
It Ain’t Yours Anymore
If You Could See Your Faults
If I May
If He Don’t
I Know The Man
I Gotta Praise
I Don’t See Them
I Am Not A Muse
House Party 2
Higher Hopes
He’s Got What I Had
He Wants To
He Can’t Marry Her
Gotta Give It Up
Fat Of The Land
Fair Share Of Breathing
Costa Del Sombre
Christmas (And Dad Wants Her Back)
Christmas (2019 Version)
Capital Love
Blackwater Banks
Big News In A Little World
All Of My Friends
Advice To Daughters
A Good Day Is Hard To Find
7″ Single
(Man Is) The Biggest Bitch Of All
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