Paul Kelly Lyrics

Paul Kelly

Your Lovin’ Is On My Mind
Your Litter Sister (Is A Big Girl Now)
Young Lovers
You’re Still Picking The Same Sore
You’re Learning
You’re 39, You’re Beautiful And You’re Mine
You Can’t Take It With You
You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
You Broke A Beautiful Thing
Would You Be My Friend?
Words And Music
Won’t You Come Around
With The One I Love
With Animals
Winter Coat
White Train
Whistling Bird
Where Were You When I Needed You
When We’re Both Old & Mad
When The Girl’s Not Even English
When I First Met Your Ma
When A Woman Loves A Man
What You Want
We’ve Started A Fire
Want You Back
Until Death Do Them Part
Under The Sun
True To You
Touchy Babe
To Live Is To Fly
To Her Door
To Be Good Takes A Long Time (To Be Bad No Time At All)
Time And Tide
Tighten Up
Thoughts In The Middle Of The Night
This Land Is Mine
Things We Said In The Dark
They Thought I Was Asleep
These Are The Days
The Way Love Used To Be
The Trees
The Sweetest Thing
The River Song
The Pretty Place
The Oldest Story In The Book
The Lion And The Lamb
The Foggy Fields Of France
The Execution
The Ballroom
The Ballad Of Queenie And Rover
Thank You
Tease Me
Teach Me Tonight
Taught By Experts
Take Your Time
Sydney From A 747
Sydney From A 727
Sweet Guy Waltz
Sweet Guy
(“So Much Water So Close To Home” album)
Sweet Guy
(“The Merri Soul Sessions” album)
Sure Got Me (Where You Want Me)
Summer Rain
Stupid Song
Stumbling Block
Stories Of Me
Stolen Apples Taste The Sweetest
Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
Special Treatment
South Of Germany
Sonnets 44 And 45
Sonnet 73
Sonnet 60
Sonnet 18
Sonnet 138
Song Of The Old Rake
Song From The Sixteenth Floor
Somewhere In The City
Sometimes My Baby
Someone New
Somebody’s Forgetting Somebody (Somebody’s Letting Somebody Down)
Some Guys
So Blue
Smoke Under The Bridge
Smells Like Rain
Sleep, Australia, Sleep
Skidding Hearts
Shy Before You Lord
She’s Rare
She’s A Melody (Stupid Song)
She Answers The Sun (Lazy Bones)
Shane Warne
See You In Paradise
See The Birdie
Seagulls Of Seattle
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
Satisfy Your Woman
Same Old Walk
Rock Out On The Sea
Rising Moon
Rise And Shine
Righteous Woman
Right Outta My Head
Randwick Bells
Rally Round The Drum
Queen Stone
Pussy Got Your Tongue
Promise Not To Tell
Pretty Bird Tree
Pouring Petrol On A Burning Man
Please Send Me
Please Myself
Please Leave Your Light On
Pastures Of Plenty
Passed Over
Parting Glass
Pallet On Your Floor
Our Sunshine
Other People’s Houses
Oh Death
O Mistress Mine (Clown’s Song From “Twelfth Night”)
(“Death’s Dateless Night” album)
(“Wanted Man” album)
Nothing On My Mind
Nothing But A Dream
None Of Your Business Now
No You
Night Watchman
Night After Night
New Found Year
Native Born
My Way Is To You
My True Love Hath My Heart
My Man’s Got A Cold
Most Wanted Man In The World
Morning Storm
Moon In The Bed
Moni, Make It Good
Midnight Rain
Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
(“Foggy Highway” album)
Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
(“Death’s Dateless Night” album)
Maybe This Time For Sure
Maralinga (Rainy Land)
Mannish Woman
Madeleine’s Song
Lovers’ Field
Love Never Runs On Time
Love Letter
Love Is The Law
Look So Fine, Feel So Low
Little Wolf
Little Kings
Little Decisions
Little Boy Don’t Lose Your Balls
Little Bit O’ Sugar
Little Aches And Pains
Life Is Fine
Letter In The Rain
Let It Be
Lenny (To Live Is To Burn)
Leaving Her For The Last Time
Leaps And Bounds
Leah: The Sequel
Last Train To Heaven
Last Resort
Lady With Dog
Know Your Friends
King Of Fools
Keep On Driving
Keep On Coming Back For More
Keep It To Yourself
Just Like Animals
Just About To Break
It’s All Downhill From Here
It Started With A Kiss
Invisible Me
Incident On South Dowling
If I Could Start Today Again
I’ve Come For Your Daughter
I’ve Been A Fool
I’m On Your Side
I’ll Forgive But I Won’t Forget
I’ll Be Your Lover
I’d Rather Go Blind (Than See You With Another Guy)
I’d Rather Go Blind
I Won’t Be Your Dog Anymore
I Won’t Be Torn Apart
I Wasted Time
I Smell Trouble
I Hate To Watch You Loving Him
I Had Forgotten You
I Don’t Remember A Thing
I Don’t Know What I’d Do
I Close My Eyes And Think Of You
I Can’t Believe We Were Married
Hummin’ To Myself
How To Make Gravy
Heavy Thing
Hasn’t It Rained
Hard Times
(“Death’s Dateless Night” album)
Hard Times
(“Hidden Things” album)
Hard Knocks
Happy Slave
Gutless Wonder
Gonna Be Good
Going About My Father’s Business
God’s Hotel
God’s Grandeur
God Told Me To
Glory Be To God
Give In To My Love
Ghost Town
Gathering Storm
From St Kilda To Kings Cross
From Little Things Big Things Grow
Forty Miles To Saturday Night
Forty Eight Angels
Forbidden Street
For The Ages
Foggy Highway
Firewood And Candles
Finally Something Good
Feelings Of Grief
Fall Guy
Extra Mile
Everything’s Turning To White
Everybody Wants To Touch Me
Everybody Loves You Baby
Every Time We Say Goodbye
Every Fucking City
Every Day My Mother’s Voice
Dumb Things
Down To My Soul
Down On The Jetty
Down On My Speedway
Don’t Start Me Talking
Don’t Stand So Close To The Window
Don’t Let A Good Thing Go
Don’t Harm The Messenger
Don’t Fence Me In
Don’t Explain
Difficult Woman
Deeper Water
Darling It Hurts
Curly Red
Crying Shame
Cold As Canada
Clean This House
Cities Of Texas
Charlie Owen’s Slide Guitar
Change Your Mind
Can’t Help You Now
Can’t Fake It
Buffalo Ballet
Brand New Ways
Bound To Follow (Aisling Song)
Blues For Skip
Blue Stranger
Black Cockatoos
Bird On The Wire
Billy Baxter
Big Heart
Big Fine Girl
Beggar On The Street Of Love
Before Too Long
Before The Old Man Died
Beautiful Feeling
Beat Of Your Heart
Ball And Chain
Angel Of Death
And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Anastasia Changes Her Mind
Alone And Forsaken
Alive And Well
After The Show
A Bastard Like Me
Tweet 88k